Eva Ahlström Foundation co-sponsors UNICEF project in Rwanda through BF & HAPPY

Five Finnish families are investing in a UNICEF project to reduce maternal and infant mortality in Rwanda. Despite advances in recent decades, infant and maternal mortality remains a major problem in Rwanda.

In Rwanda 32 out of a 1000 children die before their first birthday, while the corresponding figure in Finland is less than 2. The Eva Ahlström Foundation, Berner, Fazer, Hartwall and Paulig families are all a part of the BF& Happy project. The support for the project will be nearly half a million euros between 2020 and 2022.

Read more about the project in finnish from Unicef’s news: https://www.unicef.fi/tiedotus/uutisarkisto/2019/viisi-suomalaista-perhetta-sijoittaa-unicefin-hankkeeseen-aiti-ja-lapsikuolleisuuden-vahentamiseksi/?fbclid=IwAR3i4cFa3592ksnvzhNhtG1sVhIsgHAN_W4fLRn08_4QK3wTAh-95dfdKdM

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