Eva Ahlström Foundation joins UNICEF INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL

The Eva Ahlström Foundation has become the first Finnish organisation to be invited to join the UNICEF International Council (UIC). UIC was founded in 2017 to offer UNICEF’s most influential private donors/partners a forum for sharing ideas and experiences about social responsibility and UNICEF’s work. UIC held its inaugural meeting in Florence, Italy, on 11-13 November 2018 at Innocenti, the UNICEF innovation centre. Representing the Eva Ahlström Foundation were its chair, Maria Bondestam, and Johannes Gullichsen.

The Eva Ahlström Foundation is grateful for the invitation, which acknowledges its long-standing and dedicated cooperation with UNICEF.

“The value of the partnership with Eva Ahlström Foundation goes beyond the financial support itself. Eva Ahlström Foundation is a strong advocate for child rights and the work of UNICEF. The foundation has successfully engaged a variety of new stakeholders in UNICEF’s work, resulting in both financial results and in UNICEF’s message reaching new audiences. We are extremely proud that Eva Ahlström Foundation sees our colaboration not only as donations but as an investment in the future of humanity. Through its own approaches Eva Ahlström Foundation boldly changes the way doing good is perceived” says Marja-Riitta Ketola, Executive Director of UNICEF Finland.