The Eva Ahlström Foundation

The Eva Ahlström Foundation is a humanitarian organisation that aims to support underprivileged women, children and adolescents in Finland and internationally through cooperation with established non-governmental organisations. The foundation is founded and managed by members of the Ahlström family.

Marginalisation represents a huge cost for society

These days 1% of the world’s population owns some 50% of the world’s resources. The 85 richest individuals in the world own as much as 50% of the world’s poorest put together. The global phenomena of polarisation, increased segregation and widening income gaps are leading to a crisis in mankind’s trust in the world’s leaders, in democracy and in our own ability to make a difference. Many have become marginalised even in Finland with its welfare state. A study commissioned by Me-säätiö (the We Foundation) found that there are 69,000 marginalised young people in our country. The human and economic cost of this trend is huge – it is estimated that the bill associated with so many marginalised young people comes to 1.4 billion euros every year.

The goal of the Foundation is to help tackle this negative spiral. We achieve this by supporting a number of organisations which work for vulnerable women, children and families but we also want to inspire and engage private individuals, companies and institutions to contribute in whatever way they can to a fairer and more sustainable society.

Maria Bondestam, Chair
The Eva Ahlström Foundation

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