Merger with the Foundation Christina och Torsten Ahlströms minne

The merger of the foundations Christina och Torsten Ahlströms minne and Eva Ahlström foundation was completed 31.8.2018


Last spring, the boards of the Foundation Christina och Torsten Ahlströms minne (CTAS) and the Foundation Eva Ahlströms Stiftelse (EAS) decided on the merger of the two foundations, such that CTAS is merged into EAS.

The merger is based on the same type of operations and value base for the two foundations. Through the merger EAS operating conditions are improved as the capital base of EAS almost doubles.

Eva Ahlström Foundation has shown competence and willingness to work for the things that the foundation represents, and we are impressed by the capacity shown by the Foundation, says Carl Ahlström, Chairman of the Board of CTAS.

We greatly appreciate the support and recognition we have received by the Board of CTAS.

We are very grateful for the trust and look forward to continuing our work with a much stronger balance sheet due to the capital received through the merger says Maria Bondestam, Chairman of the Board of EAS.


For additional information please contact:

Carl Ahlström +358-40-5165577;

Maria Bondestam, +358-50-5670567,

CTAS was founded in 1993 by Torsten, Johan, Lars, Erik and Carl Ahlström to the memory of Christina Ahlström. Margareta Lund took part in financing the foundation when it was founded. The purpose of the foundation is to support distressed people and families with limited means.         

EAS was founded in 2010 by the female descendants of Eva Ahlström (1848-1920). Eva and her husband,  the industrialist Antti Ahlström (1827-1896), gave generous donations to different cultural and social purposes and realized early on the importance of girls’ education. The purpose of the foundation is to support vulnerable women, children and families in Finland and abroad, as well as to serve as a platform for social responsibility within the Ahlström family.